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Viasat World has a rich channel and SVOD portfolio spanning factual, entertainment, drama, and film.

A major player in content aggregation; creating, curating, and distributing our fully localised content brands around the world.

Through the power of our content, we deliver timeless real-life entertainment, bring history to life and tell nature’s greatest stories with our factual entertainment brands, Viasat History, Viasat Explore and Viasat Nature.

We showcase the very best series from around the globe with our premium drama channel Epic Drama and entertain film fans with an unrivalled line-up on our movie channels; Viasat Kino, Viasat Kino World, Viasat Kino Action, Viasat Kino Comedy and Viasat Kino Megahit. Our newest offering, Viasat True Crime, is the only destination for a unique combination of true crime documentaries, crime-fighting reality shows, and true crime drama.

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