COSMOTE TV enriches channel line-up with launch of Viasat Explore and Viasat Nature

03 October 2017

New Channel Launches Expand Cooperation with International Broadcaster Viasat World

27 September 2017 – COSMOTE TV continues to enrich its TV schedule with new content, launching two additional flagship channels from leading international broadcaster Viasat World. Viasat Explore and Viasat Nature will join Viasat History in the documentaries genre, launching on Sunday 1 October 2017 in all COSMOTE TV’s available packs, as well as being available through the COSMOTE TV GO and COSMOTE REPLAY TV services.

Curious, adventurous and determined, Viasat Explore reveals the new and the unusual - from the latest scientific breakthroughs, to the everyday lives of engaging characters who do things differently. Programming highlights include “London's Super Tunnel”; a series which presents a team of more than ten thousand engineers and construction workers racing to complete the subterranean mega railway under London - Crossrail. Costing almost fifteen billion pounds and taking ten years to build, it's one of the biggest engineering projects in Europe;

Ultimate Survival Alaska”: the toughest survivalists of Alaska go head to head in extreme conditions for the ultimate test of survival. Dropped in the Alaskan wilderness they are forced to battle hunger, predators, and perilous weather along the way; Six captains and their crews face mammoth swells and icebergs in the North Atlantic in “Cold Water Cowboys”. The stakes remain high off the coast of Newfoundland as they return for their most challenging and dangerous season yet. “SAS: Who Dares Wins” reveals the demanding entrance process for the SAS. Selection for Britain's SAS has never been filmed, but this format will take you closer to it than ever before. An elite group of ex-Special Forces soldiers put 25 physically fit civilians through an extraordinary series of physical and psychological tests, each from the real selection process. Physical fitness is just the start - the true test is one of character!

Honest and passionate, Viasat Nature showcases the mind-blowing places and creatures of our natural world; whilst compelling story-telling by the world’s leading presenters brings the content to life, transporting viewers to far-away destinations of “wild” beauty. Premiering on the channel in October, is “The Great Migration”; introducing adventurer Ben Fogle who follows the stories and milestones of individual, tagged wildebeest as they undertake their incredible Great Migration - a 650km annual trek from the Serengeti plains in Tanzania to the highlands of Kenya's Maasai Mara and back again.

In addition, “World Animal Day” on Wednesday 4 October is dedicated to wild animals threatened by extinction, increasing awareness of our threatened natural world, while celebrating the diversity of animal species on our planet. Finally, “Choose the Right Puppy for you” showcases potential dog owners who undergo tests to help find the most suitable breed for them.

Viasat History, Viasat Explore and Viasat Nature feature sought-after content of the moment, with most of the shows scheduled in primetime produced within the last three years.

Tamas Horvath, Commercial Director at Viasat World said: “We are committed to bringing the content viewers are craving to the Greek market, and are delighted to expand the Viasat World portfolio with the addition of two of our flagship channels on OTE’s COSMOTE TV in Greece. Our mission is to stay close to our operator partners, and understand their needs, so we can continue to give them channels and content that are relevant to their customers.”

“With the addition of Viasat Explore and Viasat Nature on COSMOTE TV channel line-up, we enrich our documentary program, adding new, quality content options for our subscribers who are interested in wildlife, animals, discoveries and science, among others. This addition marks the expansion of our cooperation with the globally acclaimed network of VIASAT WORLD. COSMOTE TV already hosts Viasat History, which has gained many fans among the Greek audience with its historical documentaries and qualitative shows”, said Mr. Dimosthenis Vasilopoulos, COSMOTE TV’s Content & Productions Operation Director.

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